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ANZCCART is located in both New Zealand and Australia.  Our websites contain information for animal carers, animal ethics committee members, scientists, schools as well as other interested parties.

Through these websites, we hope to further the primary goals of ANZCCART which include promoting the responsible use of animals in research and teaching, and informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters. When viewing our websites please be mindful that legislation and some animal welfare information will differ between our countries.

‘Caring for the animals we use in research and teaching’


Should research animals be named?

Scientists once shied away from naming research animals, and many of the millions of mice and rats used in U.S. research today go nameless, except for special individuals. But a look at many facilities suggests that most of the other 891,161 U.S. research animals—including nonhuman primates, dogs, pigs, rabbits, cats, and sheep—have proper names. Read More