ANZCCART Conference 2008

Blue Sky to deep water: the reality and the promise

Proceedings of the 2008 ANZCCART Conference Auckland, New Zealand

Preliminary pages


Mark Fisher


John Martin

SESSION 1: Sharing experiences (dilemmas and compliance)

Doing animal experimentation in a national organisation with regional responsibilities under state legislation Dr Chris Prideaux ( See PowerPoint presentation – PDF, 629 kb, 18 pages)

Meeting animal welfare needs in a biotherapies environment- challenges for the CSL/Pfizer Animal Ethics Committee Dr John Phelps (See PowerPoint presentation)

Assessing a research project with reference to the big picture Grant Shackell (See PowerPoint presentation, 5.6 MB)

International benchmarking: AAALAC International Accreditation Dr Kathryn Bayne (See PowerPoint presentation, 982 kb)


SESSION 2: Transgenics and modelling

Modelling human muscle activity Professor Andrew Pullan

Using zebrafish in human disease research: some advantages, disadvantages and ethical considerations Dr Michael Lardelli (See PowerPoint presentation – PDF, 5.6 MB, 26 pages)

The benefits of using sheep to model human brain disease Jessie Jacobsen et al.

SESSION 3: Great idea but not necessarily what I expected

Great idea but not necessarily what I expected (Sometimes the techniques worked; sometimes they didn’t) Dr Allan Goldenthal, Dr Glen Harrison (See Powerpoint presentation – PDF, 1MB, 10 pages)

Julie Hitchens (See PowerPoint presentation, 1.5 MB)

Dr Jacqueline Keenan (See PowerPoint presentation, 664 kb)

Associate Professor Donald Love

SESSION 4: Challenging ethics

A brief but practical summary of ethics James Battye

The Cam Reid Oration: Should we be giving attention to justifying animals in science? Dr Mark Fisher

Infrared thermography and heart rate variability for non-invasive assessment of animal welfare Dr Mairi Stewart et al. (ANZCCART Student Award winner) (See PowerPoint presentation, 8.1 MB)

SESSION 5: Death as an event, death as a challenge

Euthanasing animals-the human experience Dr Erich von Dietz (See PowerPoint presentation, 184 kb)

Managing grief associated with euthanasia Dr Dianne Gardner (See PowerPoint presentation, 2.2 MB)

Recruiting Rats to the Research Resort: the importance of well trained resort personnel Dr John Schofield

SESSION 6: Wildlife and conservation

The artificial incubation of kiwi eggs: a conservation tool Suzanne Bassett and Claire Travers (See PowerPoint presentation, 794 kb)

Researching wildlife in New Zealand: conservation opportunities are both constraints and opportunities Dr Mark Hauber

Animal welfare issues in vertebrate pest management and research in New Zealand Dr Penny Fisher et al.

SESSION 7: Fish welfare

Working towards the development of best practices in fish and fisheries research or The troubles with fish and fish biologists! Howard Gill, Carolyn Ashton and Andrew Rowland

The fish: What potential for awareness? Dr Colin Johnston (See PowerPoint presentation, 1.3 MB)

“Pain” and analgesia in fish: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we need to know before using analgesics in fish Dr Don Stevens