ANZCCART Conference 2011

Science with feeling: animals and people

Proceedings of the 2011 ANZCCART Conference Auckland, New Zealand

Contents and Foreword

Opening Address

Reflections on the use of animals in research, testing and teaching in New Zealand – a historical perspective – Dr A. C. David Bayvel, Linda Carsons, Paula Lemow and Dr Mark Fisher

International reflections: looking back over the last 20 years – Dr Judy A. MacArthur Clark

Session 1: I don’t like pain but what can we do about it?

What’s special about pain? – Dr John Schofield

“I’ll have the fish and shrimps”: pain and analgesia in invertebrates and fish – Dr Kurt K. Sladky

The recognition and relief of pain in birds – Associate Professor Brett Gartrell

Analgesia in ruminants – Dr Paul Chambers

Cam Reid Oration 2011: Does the fetus feel pain, and why do we care to know? Professor Laura Bennet

Session 2: Resolving the dilemmas

Serving on an Animal Ethics Committee – a hospital pass or a valued distinction?

Dr Mark Oliver

Dr Geoff Dandie

Serving on an Animal Ethics Committee – the system and pot pourri of issues

Who qualifies as an investigator? – Dr Erich von Dietze and Dr Ted Rohr

Animal Ethics Committees: a veterinary practitioner’s point of view – Dr Tim Mather

Animal welfare in a new world – Jeanette Crosado

Reflections on an Animal Ethics Committee – Dr Mandy Paterson

ANZCCART New Zealand Animal Care Technicians’ Awards

Compassion fatigue – Debbie Chesterfield

Welfare in a chronic model of cardiac disease in sheep – Linley Nisbet

Session 3: The importance of people

Euthanasia in the workplace – impacts on staff – Professor Peter Davie

Caring for the carers: compassion fatigue and disenfranchised grief – Dr Peter Huggard

Reviewing the reviews: an update on the analysis of the process of ensuring regulatory compliance in the use of animals in science in New Zealand – Dr Virginia Williams and Linda Carsons

Seeking nature in the city: the implications of feeding wildlife – Associate Professor Darryl Jones

Female students’ attitudes towards the use of animals in scientific research and teaching – Sally Birdsall and Dr Beverley France

Student and university perspectives on animal rights and wrongs – Dr Ngaio J. Beausoleil

Animal models: their role in understanding brain dysfunction – Dr Ruth M. A. Napper

Session 4: Science with feeling

Science with feeling: relevance of animal emotions to research, testing and teaching – Dr Jim Webster

Methodologies to measure affective states in animals: a focus on cognitive approaches – Dr Else Verbeek and Dr Caroline Lee

What is it like to be a rat? Providing good environments for experimental animals – Dr Emily Patterson-Kane and Professor David J. Mellor