ANZCCART Conference

ANZCCART 2017: Maintaining Social License in a Changing World

The 2017 ANZCCART conference was held in Queenstown, New Zealand, and ran from Saturday 2nd September to Monday 4th September, as part of Queenstown Research Week.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Maintaining Social License in a Changing World” reflecting our view that the responsible use of animals in research and teaching is a socially positive activity, which ought to be defended freely. Society continues to afford the research and teaching community its continued consent because the legal framework under which we operate is well enough trusted, and while societies viewpoint has shifted over the years and decades and the direction is always towards greater not less attention to animal welfare.

There was an exciting line-up of speakers covering a wide range of topics from hearing about addressing social license in different contexts, to advances in replacement, reduction and refinement technologies, lessons from animal ethics committee front lines, and animal handling. The conference also celebrated winners of the AEC member of the year and animal care technician award.

For further information, see the ANZCCART Conference Flyer, Programme Flyer May 2017 or view the Conference Proceedings (Part 1, Part 2)

Conference presentations

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