ANZCCART Conference

2023 ANZCCART Conference

The 2023 ANZCCART Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia. The dates and more details will be available soon.

ANZCCART 2021 (NZ): Openness in animal research

Exploring the benefits and risks of openness in regards to the use of animals in Australian and New Zealand research.

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The 2021 conference looked at ‘openness’ in animal research and teaching. Public confidence in animal research hinges on the scientific community engaging in the evolving conversation about how and why animals are used. Being open about these matters is a worthwhile endeavour, and to be encouraged.

To gain a broader perspective on how openness looks in practise, the conference examined overseas examples, both success stories and failures, and learn from different cultural viewpoints.

(Supported by ICLAS )


ANZCCART 2017 (NZ): Maintaining Social License in a Changing World

Conference presentations

Archive of ANZCCART Conference proceedings:

2020/21 ANZCCART Conference – Openness in Animal Research (PDF 7.2MB, 160 pages)

2019 ANZCCART Conference – Breaking Down Laboratory Walls (PDF 4.1MB, 138 pages)

2018 ANZCCART Conference – Keeping it Relevant (PDF, 198 pages)

2017 ANZCCART Conference – Maintaining social license in a changing world (PDF)Part 1, Part 2

2016 ANZCCART Conference – Man or Mouse (PDF, 3.5 MB, 109 pages)

2015 ANZCCART Conference  – Animal ethics – the gold standard

2014 ANZCCART Conference – Mixing it up – ethics, science, and adventure tourism

2013 ANZCCART Conference – Can we do better? (PDF, 3.96 MB, 162 pages)

2012 ANZCCART Conference – Thinking Outside the Cage: A different point of view (PDF, 2 MB, 128 pages)

2011 ANZCCART Conference – Science with feeling: animals and people (ANZCCART website)

2010 ANNZART Conference – Ethics in a changing environment (PDF)

2009 ANZCCART Conference – AEC best practice (PDF, 3.2 MB, 126 pages)

2008 ANZCCART Conference – Blue Sky to deep water: the reality and the promise (ANZCCART website)

2007 ANZCCART Conference – Getting it Right (PDF, 1 MB, 120 pages)

2006 ANZCCART Conference – Responsibilities – The 4th R (PDF, 2.9 MB, 175 pages)

2005 ANZCCART Conference – Animal Ethics Committees and animal use in a monitored environment: is the ethics real, imagined or necessary? (PDF, 2.6 MB, 98 pages)

2004 ANZCCART Conference – Animal Ethics: New Frontiers, New Opportunities (PDF, 1 MB, 44 pages)

2003 ANZCCART Conference – Lifting the veil: finding common ground(ANZCCART website)

  • Scientists to push for more public information on animal research (September 2003)

2002 ANZCCART Conference – Animal welfare and Ethics Committees. Where are the goalposts now? Monitoring animal welfare and promoting refinement (PDF, 2.2 MB, 94 pages)

2001 ANZCCART Conference – Learning, animals and the environment: Changing the face of the future (ANZCCART website)