ANZCCART Conference 2021

Exploring the benefits and risks of openness in regards to the use of animals in Australian and New Zealand research.

Queenstown, Aotearoa New Zealand | Copthorne Hotel and Resort Queenstown Lakefront

25-27 July 2021

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Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to ANZCCART 2021.

This year’s conference looks at ‘openness’ in animal research and teaching. Public confidence in animal research hinges on the scientific community engaging in the evolving conversation about how and why animals are used. Being open about these matters is a worthwhile endeavour, and to be encouraged.

To gain a broader perspective on how openness looks in practise, we will examine overseas examples, both success stories and failures, and learn from different cultural viewpoints.

We anticipate that the adoption of new approaches to openness will reflect constructively on ANZCCART‘s principal objectives, particularly the Three R’s – the refinement, reduction and replacement of animals in research and teaching.

Science Media Centre: Savvy Express

As part of being open about animal research, delegates will be able to undertake a free Science Media Centre Savvy Express 15-minute media training session, offering one-on-one training for researchers, technicians or AEC members to practice speaking about their work for a general audience. Please book for a session when registering.

Communication skills workshop

The morning following the conference, join in a free workshop run by Kirk Leech, Executive Director of the European Animal Research Association (EARA). This will provide additional training for researchers, technicians or AEC members to communicate their work. Please book to attend workshop when registering.

Registration for ANZCCART 2021 covers an opening “ice-breaker” reception, the conference dinner, as well as lunches and morning and afternoon teas.

A 20% discount on registration is available for:

  • Full time undergraduate students
  • Full time postgraduate students
  • Technicians
  • Research Assistants
  • External members of the Animals Ethics Committees

Additional places for either the reception and/or dinner can be purchased for accompanying partners and guests.

Opening reception featuring a Māori cultural performance by Kiwi Haka

Skyline Queenstown, Sunday 25 July 4:30-6:30pm

Experience spectacular balcony views of Queenstown, the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu on the Queenstown Gondola, where there will also be a superb range of New Zealand’s finest beverages.

Conference dinner

Walter Peak High Country Farm, Tuesday 27 July 5:45-10pm

Take a cruise on the historic steamship TSS Earnslaw across Lake Wakatipu to the Colonel’s Homestead, with its beautiful lakeside gardens and gourmet restaurant.

 ANZCCART 2021: Openness in Animal Research image


Discounted accommodation can be booked through the conference venue’s hotel website. Choose your dates and room type, then add the booking code of ANZCCART under Advanced Search, and click ‘Book now’. Otherwise, you can check here for other accommodation options nearby.


Delegates are encouraged to take out personal travel and medical insurance which includes loss or damage of personal possessions, including loss of registration and accommodation fees through cancellation.

Tips for Overseas Travellers (COVID19)

Important: Entry to New Zealand from all countries remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Delegates should visit the New Zealand Immigration Service for the latest information. If you are not a resident of Australia or New Zealand, you may need to get a New Zealand Visitor’s Permit. Certain nationals will need to have their passport endorsed with a New Zealand Visitor’s Visa before arrival. This process may take up to one month. Delegates should visit the New Zealand Immigration Service website for more information.

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