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The use of animals in research, testing or teaching is often controversial. ANZCCART seeks to promote effective communication and co-operation between all parties and to assist in the resolution of potential conflicts by promoting awareness of concerns and solutions to problems. Our work includes the publication of newsletters, and hosting lecture series, conferences and meetings for researchers and Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) members to keep them updated with recent advances in research techniques and to promote the sharing of best practice.

ANZCCART is not a regulatory body. ANZCCART (NZ) has independence from the monitoring and enforcement of animals under the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act (1999) Part 6. ANZCCART acts to provide opportunities for open debate around animal use and to promote high standards of animal care in research, testing and teaching. Often the Board advocates for standards of care above and beyond the requirements of the legislation.

ANZCCART works with researchers, students, Animal Ethics Committees, the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC), the Ministry for Primary Industries, Universities, Crown Research Institutes and other research entities. Any questions or comments can be directed to ANZCCART using the information listed on our contact page.

Institutional Codes of Ethical Conduct under animal welfare legislation

Before institutions in New Zealand are permitted to use animals for research, testing or teaching, they must apply for a licence from the government. The licence is called a ‘Code of Ethical Conduct’. This system is unique to New Zealand. Each institutional Code sets out the conditions and rules for animal use. Codes vary between organisations, depending upon the nature of the scientific activity. These Codes offer insights into how organisations value animals used for scientific or teaching purposes. In the interests of transparency, ANZCCART has requested that these codes be made available for public scrutiny. In response to our request, the institutional codes of ethical conduct approved by the Director-General of the Ministry for Primary Industries in 2015 now are available from the FYI website, with additional codes available here.

Latest news

ANZCCART is supporting the adoption of the ARRIVE guidelines for reporting the findings of research projects using animals, and the PREPARE guidelines for planning research using animals. More information on these guidelines can be found here.

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The following resources are available on the use of animals in research, testing or teaching in New Zealand: